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What Makes Us Different?

Our programs involve two main things:  Play and relaxation training.

Using both play and relaxation methods, your dog will want the same thing that we want rather than us having to COMMAND them to do things all the time.

That way we’ll be matching your dog’s mental and emotional needs and creating motivation without forcing or begging your dog to do anything.  

This way of training isn’t rushed, but works so much more effectively and permanently than other forms of training.

Think back to that one class you enjoyed during school, probably had that cool teacher who made learning fun. So fun, that you actually looked forward to taking that class.

That’s what we do here with your dog.

We’re that cool teacher.

Once your dog understands the rules of the games we have put in place, you and your dog will be able to live much more happily together and your dog will WANT to listen to you (instead of jumping, pulling, barking or just being so distracted that they don’t even hear you!).

German Shepherd Puppy Playing

Play Training


Relaxation Training

Jacksonville Dog Training

A Day On The Farm

With your dog’s emotional wellbeing is in the forefront of our training, we customize each training plan to help every family that walks through our doors.

Located on 10 acres, the daily life of a dog staying with us for training is enriched with multiple walks, training sessions, social groups, one on one play, and down time with our trainers.

We do things differently… not just train and then crate and then train and then crate.  How boring that would be!

We have our trainers come in throughout the day to work with your dog individually and teach your dog how to listen while being integrated into a daily life routine. Replicating what they would see at your home.

During your dog’s stay your pup is assigned their own private indoor kennel that is temperature controlled, and their own private outdoor kennel. 

All kennel areas are video-monitored 24hrs a day and are less than 20ft from where we lay our heads at night to rest.  

Our goal here at Wild Child is to make your dog’s stay comfortable, so they can focus on the things they’re being taught.

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