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About Wild Child

Wild Child is a small business, founded in early 2014 by Sydney Marshall. Originally starting out as a pet sitting, dog walking, and foster home for rescued animals, the owner wanted to provide positive experiences for the pups in her care. After attending multiple canine behavior courses and shadowing some of the best trainers in the world, pet sitting turned into dog training with a a focus on bringing peace and joy to the human and canine relationship.

Located on 10 acres central of Jacksonville, New Bern, and Morehead City. Wild Child has provided big company results while keeping the family feel to Eastern North Carolina.

During your dog’s stay they will have access to different parts of the property and our farm during their multiple training sessions. They will get free time to roam across the land or take a dip in the pond during supervised outings. When not out on the property, the dogs will have their assigned indoor and outdoor dog run to provide safety, cleanliness, structure, and comfortability to each pet while they’re in our care. The owner and her family reside on the property, so during your pup’s stay we can practice manners in the house as well as provide 24/7 care. Outfitted with cameras and having an compassionate team we are not only able to provide protection, we are able to provide a family touch to your dog’s training.

We are PetCPR certified, AKC CGC Approved Evaluators, registered with the Better Business Bureau, and members of International Association of Canine Professionals and United Shutzhund Club of America.

A day in your dog’s life training with us

Dog playin at Emerald Isle

Training starts as soon as the sun comes up, as we start enforcing not running out of doors and loose leash walking from your pup’s assigned indoor pen to their personal outdoor run.

Given some free time to use the bathroom, rest, and stretch. We then start the day with a daily walk around the 10-acre property. During this time we are teaching your pup the difference between loose leash walking and heel…and as they do well we introduce off-leash training, allowing them ultimate freedom to run and play.

After your dog’s morning walk, we roll right into some individual play. Teaching your dog the art of having fun with us as a team and building their confidence by teaching them how to win.

After this, you can imagine your furry pal is a bit on the tired side, so this is the perfect opportunity for us to roll right into relaxation training. Depending on the approach we choose to set your dog up for success, this will allow your dog to rest and start learning they do not have to react to everything around them.

Upon completion of achieving full relaxation, we will then move on to an obedience class. This is where we will teach your dog sit, down, etc. and depending on where they’re at in training, we will go out on field trips to local dog friendly places.

With a successful obedience session in the books. We will enter the social stage of training, helping your dog learn proper manners when interacting with humans and or dogs.

Focusing on key areas that your dog struggles with and touching on all subjects to help your dog grow into the best possible version he or she can be. We work diligently throughout the day to provide your dog with top training and quality care.

Because at the end of the day we love your dog as much as you do.

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