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I had a client sign up for a board and train for their dog. No major behavior problems, just typical house manners stuff. At one of their lessons, we were working on recalls and towards the middle of the lesson, the client turned to me and asked me what’s the point?

I was a little taken back by this question.

Like there’s a million reasons why we should teach a recall, but I felt the question was more geared towards lines of why do I have to do this training. Like I should have a magic wand that will solve all canine related problems with no effort from them.

Dog training is effort.

Board and trains just allow us trainers to set up a learning environment to help your dog become better.

No magic pill.

Yes we do the majority of the heavy work. However, if you do not follow through at home. You essentially will end up throwing money and time into the wind.

So what’s the point?

The point is for your dog to have better quality of life.

The point is for you to start understanding your dog and how to guide them properly based off of their individual needs.

The point is to give you and your dog a purpose to have each other.

To build a team.
To not be limited by your dog’s behavior.
To enjoy the benefits of owning a dog.
To not have to stress and worry all the time.
To feel confident in handling your pup.
To grow.
To explore.
To love.

So damnit, what is the point?

Somehow this client snuck through my vetting. I’m not accessible by everyone. I don’t promise false hopes and I won’t beat your dog down through obedience. So finding clients who are serious about the work and are ready to make a change are the ones I fight for.

Of course I explained the point.
And I hope it made a difference on how they view their dog and training.

If not, I guess what IS the point?

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