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Shhhh! You talk too much.

I know a lot of use our dogs as a cheap therapist. I mean they listen, they can’t run away, and their soft and fuzzy.

So how can you not constantly talk to them?

But then the biggest complaint I receive is that my dog ignores me or doesn’t listen to me.

Then it’s followed by a story on how their dog goes deaf when faced with a bird, squirrel, another human etc.

This is common and there’s a couple reasons why your dog has learned to tune you out.

Today we will focus on just one reason…

You talk too much!

If you’re constantly talking to your dog and not reinforcing any words that come out of your mouth then your dog learns that you’re not saying much.

Well not much that is related to them.

It’s like that old significant other who you have been around for ages. They start tuning you out unless they hear a key word.

Same for your pup.

So if your dog ignores you and you want to add some meaning to your words.

The first step to take is to start talking with intention. If you don’t have anything important to say, then just don’t say it.

Next step is start adding some value to key words. Like why is it important for your dog to pay attention to come or sit. Reinforce through play or rewards anytime you give a command. Condition your dog to where he or she here’s that key word and they come a running.

And the final step, don’t repeat words you want your dog to respond to the first time. Every time you repeat a word and your dog blows you off, it looses value and your dog learns they don’t have to listen the first time around. Say it once. If they don’t respond, know that you’ll need to revisit step 2, but in the meantime get your pup’s attention another way.

So while most of us enjoy talking to our dogs. If your dog is one who pretends he or she is deaf when it matters then you may need to follow the above steps.

Train smart. Be clear. Be consistent.

When your dog demonstrates understanding then you may blab away about Becky at work.

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