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Spoiled Brat

Where (most) behavior problems start…

You’ve heard it a million times…get the dog that’s right for you and your lifestyle.

Well say you did just that.

And with that research you thought your new furry friend would be a walk in the park.

But as your puppy grows you start to notice a shift in behavior.

He or she starts acting out.

Maturity bringing on a whole new list of problems that you were just not ready for.

And that’s alright.

We sometimes get carried away spoiling our puppies, because you know, they’re cute!

However with age, the puppy stage can become kinda annoying and our now spoiled 40lb animal is running the show.

So how can you gain back some control?


Dogs were born to work with us.

They crave social order and most importantly a purpose.

To provide your dog such, you need to intentionally meet your dog’s genetic needs (physical, mental, emotional).

Doesn’t mean you half-ass throw the ball while talking on the phone.

Or go on a walk and be lost in your own mind.

Your dog needs you to be present to meet their needs. Meaningful quality time.

So carve out some time for you and your dog specifically in your calendar. Guide them, play with them, have structure when you engage with them.

Quit spoiling because you feel bad. Give them a reason to follow and to like you.

That’s why you got that puppy in the first place.

To have a friend.

Not a house ornament.

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