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Seems like we live in a day age where every problem can be solved with a pill.

Too many times I have pups coming into my care who have been on Prozac, Trazadone, or any other anti-anxiety medication for years.

That’s right.


And the owners are wondering why they’re dog is showing signs of aggression, uncontrollable behavior spells, and just plainly not acting their self (always check long term side effects of any medication).

Medication, especially psychiatric meds, alter our natural brain chemistry.

Now I’m not saying cold turkey your dog at this moment, but start looking at solutions while your dog is on medication to help them overcome their anxiety.

Meds are suppose to be used in conjunction of other therapies to allow your dog to learn.

Meaning if a dog is not on meds and is having a meltdown, you can not teach that dog while they’re in this emotional state.

Now the dog is on meds and the meds are making your dog relax a little with time, this will allow the dog be in a better emotional state to learn.

When your dog learns other coping skills, then wean off the medication according to your vet.

Long-term may not be necessary for your pet.

Help your dog learn to be better.

Give them lifelong skills.

Don’t hinder their opportunity to be their self with a band-aid fix.

They may have a pill for that, but you have the final say in setting your pet up for success.