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Does it solve behaviors or does it not?

And the answer is always the same, it depends.

It depends on the age of your dog. It depends on the behaviors you’re hoping to lessen. It depends on your dog’s genetics. It depends if he’s a breeding stud or not. Etc.

In recent years more studies have come out on the affects of neutering and when to neuter. Some veterinarians still believe that all dogs should be neutered by 6 months, while others are more willing to wait until the dog is fully developed.

Neutering (or spaying) is the removal of reproductive parts in our canine friend. With the removal we are also removing the hormones associated with those parts such as testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen. All vital components of a healthy body and mind.

So can neutering help calm a dog down?

Yes, but it can also do the opposite and create aggression.

I always advise owners to do their own research on the affects of neutering and speak to multiple vets for their opinion. Come up with your own consensus on what is best for your family and your dog.

Just be aware that there is no guarantee outcome for behavior.

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