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So I dread going to Wal-Mart, something about being in a store that has 5billion people doesn’t appeal to me (shocker, I know).
Anywho, I’m in Walmart, making a bee-line towards the items I need and walk pass not one, not two, but three end caps stocked with pee pads.
And I’m thinking the US consumer market can’t be serious.
I mean I get that it’s puppy season, but in this day and age you have to know by now that pee pads are a horrible idea and DO NOT housebreak your puppy.
Quiet the contrary actually, it encourages your puppy to use the bathroom inside.
But yet, there I stood facing mounds of peed pads waiting for folks to buy them.
So I guess I’ll add to the million articles on Google about pee pads in hopes of reaching that soul who just didn’t know.
Pee pads are BAD.
Even with the training of moving the pee pad towards the door to encourage your puppy to learn to go to the door is a bad idea.
They hold a scent that encourages your dog to use the restroom on them and your dog can not physically make the association that the pee pad means to potty outside.
So instead of the dreaded pads, try crate training or set a schedule. Praise heavily when he or she uses the bathroom outside and to prevent bad habits, don’t leave your puppy unattended until housebroken. If your puppy so does have an accident clean it throughly with an enzyme cleaner to remove any scent.
Housebreaking is sometimes maddening, but with consistency and patience you’ll get there!
Don’t fall for those quick fix tricks.
Most of them time those tricks just bandaid the true problem.
Training takes time and effort, pee pads will just prolong the process.