Dogs eat about everything and sometimes this includes their very own turd nuggets.

The scientific term for poop eaters is called, coprophagia, but for this article I’ll call it everything but that. I mean for a gross subject, we gotta have a little fun.

There are several reasons why your dog may dine on something their butt provided.

It may be lack of nutrition, curiosity, or boredom. Whatever their reason may be, it’s gross and not acceptable in our human world.

So how do you get your pup to stop having a snack every time they’re outside?

First step falls on you. Clean it up! If your dog doesn’t have access to it then it’s a habit that can not be started.

Make sure your dog is on a well-balanced diet. Visit for a break down of your dog’s kibble nutrition to see if it’s meeting your dog’s needs. I also suggest looking into a supplement or vitamin to give your dog.

If behavior/boredom, engage your dog in play or some mental stimulation games. Just letting your dog out in a backyard, they always have access too is boring. Challenge yourself and your dog to a more enriching life by going in the front yard, park, or on a walk around the neighborhood.

Teach a solid leave it or drop it command if you do catch them eating poop or really anything they shouldn’t have.

Finally, they make tablets at pet stores to give your dog to deter poop eating. I have also heard feeding your dog pineapples deters poop eating as well. While not a guarantee to work, but paired with the above tips your chances of overcoming this chocolate snack problem will greatly increase.