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Most people get a pet for companionship.

Someone to share their emotions with.

Someone to care for in a way that understands our love.

But what most people don’t understand is that love and a healthy relationship has boundaries.

I often intercept these relationships and start showing those that you can still give unconditional love to your pet and have rules at the same time. Rules and boundaries don’t mean you love your pet any less, if anything it shows that you love them more by providing what they need to be successful in society.

Dogs need structure to thrive healthily in their home setting. They need someone to show them the ropes and guide them in the right direction. If we don’t chaos ensues. We see it all the time, the dog barking and demanding food or bolting out the door any chance they get or the best one is the consistent jumping while repeatedly begging them no.

Those behaviors can go away.

But you, my friend, need to be fair, but firm in your rules and guide them through consistency in a way they understand. If we just keep doting them, we create that spoiled kid that no one likes.

Boundaries and rules create healthy relationships.

And creates a balanced dog who is secure and loved.