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There are multiple reasons why a dog and owner struggle to find harmony in their relationship. Sometimes it’s just the wrong fit, be it personality or breed. Sometimes it’s medical reasons, but most of the time it stems from a frustrated relationship.

I have found most disconnects in the human and canine relationship starts with the lack of want your dog has for you. If your dog always has access to food, toys, other animals, furniture, even a doggie door to go in and out as they please. Then where’s the need for you?

Attention? The same attention you probably force on them anytime they walk remotely close to you. Hate to say this, but they probably don’t care about that type of love.

So what am I saying?

I’m saying we must be the center of our dog’s world. You accomplish such by creating motivation to want or need you. This is achieved through play, you managing resources, setting clear and consistent boundaries, not allowing your dog to dictate different situations, actually engaging with your dog. We must take the time to set the spark and stoke the fire over the life of our dog. Yelling, consistent corrections, frustration, or wishy-washy rules is the quickest way to put that spark out.

Be clear, be fair, and make yourself valuable. I mean for most, our dog is our world, so shouldn’t our dog feel the same?