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Training tip for the day is all about you and how you handle the leash.
I often find owners in a game of tug-a-war with their dog when it comes to walking them on the leash.
They’re tensed, pulling back, have the leash wrapped around their hand 50 million times…literally ready for all out war and walking anywhere is the battle ground.

So here’s a couple tips so you don’t have to engage in such a fight.

1.) Set the attitude before you even go out the door. Meaning if your dog is beyond excited when they see the leash and you walking towards the door sets them into a frenzy then you must wait until their in a calmer mindset. This will set the tone for your walk.

2.) Relax. Hold the leash in a relaxed hand and your arm should be relaxed at your side. If you’re tense and pulling on your dog then you’re only sending him signals to pull more. So take a deep breath and try to relax.

3.) Stop the momentum forward or turn and go the opposite direction if your dog starts to pull. Both take away the reinforcement of progress. If your dog is allowed to pull to where he or she wants to go then in his or her mind they made progress. Thus reinforcing the pulling behavior.

4.) And the last step is to reward the loose leash. If at any point there’s a loose leash you can reward verbally, with treats, with freedom, etc.

Patience and relaxation is key if you want to make progress. Don’t let your pup pull you into their game and remember make a big deal if they do something correct. It’s all about reinforcement when it comes to leash walking.