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Teaching your dog to come when called.

Recall is one of the most important things to teach your pup as it can save you and him a lot of trouble and heartbreak. A lot folks struggle with this command because one or two things they either a.) bribe the animal with some form treat and never properly fade it out or b.) they let the dog have too much freedom too fast. Meaning they couldn’t control the situation to reinforce the behavior they want.

So here are the steps I take to teach most dogs to come when called.
🔹I build a relationship through engagement and/or play. Why would your dog want to come to you if yore kind of boring? Need to market yourself as being the best thing in your dogs world. Don’t know what engagement is? Check out our IGTV channel for my video to teach you the basics of engagement.
🔹I always start training with a leash on. Everyone is so quick to take a leash off. Why? The more you practice anything on a leash the more your dog has to follow through with what you ask. No detours during training.
🔹Actually teach the recall. When I teach the recall I say their name and then “come” all the while I’m taking a step back drawing the dog in. If I spent the proper time with engagement and/or play my dog should gladly look at me and follow my lead. If I see my dog second guessing, I will back up again and say good to reinforce any eye contact or forward movement towards me.
🔹Once your dog comes to you. Have a friggin party! It’s the best thing ever! Your dog chose you over everything else around you. So have the party he or she deserves.
🔹Slowly fade off the leash. Meaning as your dog is becoming consistent when being called then the next step is I would drop the leash. Following step would be taking the leash off. This is all of course done in gradual steps and is based of you and your dog’s consistency.
🔹Ta-da! Recall accomplished. As everything else, your recall depends heavily on your relationship. So take your time in step one. Really teach engagement and play. It’s worth it.