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Teaching boundaries.

Teaching your dog to get out of the kitchen when asked or to respect a piece of furniture is a fairly easy task for your dog to understand…if you’re consistent.

How I teach my dogs these daily cues is by first deciding on the boundary and being sure of the rules I want to apply. Changing or giving in to your dog for special occasions will only cause confusion and make you new boundary one to be tested.

I then enforce the new boundary or rule with a verbal cue such as, “out” and use spatial pressure, meaning I use my body to move my dog by entering their space. If your relationship is questionable with your dog then I would suggest using a leash to move your pup. I will continue to use my body to create space until the dog respects the boundary in place. In the picture for example it is the entryway they’re not allowed to walk through.

Once the dog is in an area that I don’t mind, I then randomly reward by throwing treats in that area. This is to reinforce the dog to stay in that area. The worse thing you can do is to give a reward of any sort within the boundary your have created. Always reward away and your pup will quickly grasp that good things come away from said boundary.

Remember teaching boundaries takes consistency on your end. If you’re diligent your dog will quickly pickup on the new rule making life a bit easier for all around.