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“My dog just won’t focus on me when we’re outside, it’s like I’m not even here.”

You have probably heard this before from a friend or a family member – hell, you’ve probably witnessed this scenario at the local dog park.  Here’s a little secret…they’re bored and if you relate to the above sentence, well you’re the one boring them… sorry if I’m busting your bubble.

Good news — boring can be fixed and your dog will actually like hanging out with you!!  So, let’s get started with a few basics:

Step 1: Throw the food bowl out.

When you hand feed your dog it creates a positive association between you and their food, also – you can actually train your dog….gasp!

Step 2: Play with your dog.

Dogs just want to be dogs, but as humans we feel the need to impose our rules and standards on them. You can play with toys, run around, roughhouse, etc. with your dog and watch the sparks fly…what do you have to lose, give it a try!!

Step 3: Reward heavily.

A mentor of mine use to tell me if you pay a lot up front, then they’ll stick around because of love…so live daringly, give them a handful of treats randomly.

Step 4: Move.

Self-explanatory…don’t stand still.

Step 5: Be energetic.

Most of us don’t want to hang out with the party-pooper at a gathering; your dog is no different. Have energy when speaking and moving with your dog, make it fun…before you know it, you will both be enjoying the time you spend together!

5 easy steps to be a little less boring…So what are you waiting for? Get out there and build an engaging and lasting relationship with your fur baby!