Tis the season of family love and puppy kisses…kids and adults, alike, are looking to add a new fluffy member to their family.  As my newsfeed is filled with new puppies anxiously waiting on their new homes, I have to wonder how many will end back with the breeder or worse, at the shelter due to some “unseen circumstance.” I get life happens and sometimes we are left with no choice, but planning ahead and putting time into your pup can mitigate such situations.

  I’m not saying don’t buy a puppy if you have done your research and are committed to giving your new friend your time, money, and patience…let me repeat that again: your time, your money, and your patience.

  Please review the below list and think long and hard before bringing a new furry friend into your world as it is a significant amount of responsibility…

  1. Puppies become dogs in a really short amount of time.
  2. All that extra cash you received for Christmas – kiss it goodbye with your new pup, between food, vet bills, training, etc. – it’s definitely not cheap!
  3. Like to go out on the weekends? Not anymore, someone has to puppy sit to let him outside unless you plan on cleaning up messy floors.
  4. That new furniture…your puppy may help you redecorate and add his or her flavor with teeth marks.
  5. Fur. Fur here, fur there, fur everywhere!
  6. Work long hours? A puppy doesn’t care! He or she wants your attention because, well you’re the best.
  7. Sleep is for the dead. Literally. Sleep for the next couple of weeks will be sparse as your new puppy adjusts.
  8. Do spouse or kids say they will help care for such a cutie? Don’t hold your breath, the honeymoon phase will end after two weeks.
  9. Be ready to switch up your friends, as your circle will now consist of other puppy owners who are lacking sleep.
  10. Choose your breed wisely. Are you a lazy person? Don’t get a husky. Make sure the breed you like will fit into your lifestyle.  A little research here saves a lot of headaches later…

  While this list is lighthearted, there is a lot of truth to it. So please, do your research before buying the puppy and be ready to commit to your new friend for the next 10-15 years. Dogs are great, I highly recommend them, but puppies…puppies are hard.