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With Hurricane Florence making her way up the coast, this is a good time to do a once over of your pet’s first aid kit. Don’t have one? No worries…we’re going to share some of the “must haves” for your pet in case of an emergency. Having a pet first aid kit and knowing basic pet first aid care could mean the difference between life and death.

First Aid Kit:

·       Copy of vaccination records in a plastic bag

·       Phone numbers for your vet, an emergency vet, and animal poison control               (888-426-4435)

·       Slip Lead: To maintain control of dog or catch dog without getting bit

·       Muzzle: If a dog is severely injured, muzzle for safety of dog and human(s)

·       Bandages and Gauze: To keep wounds clean and/or control the bleeding

·       Towels: To wipe area clean

·       Adhesive tape: To secure bandages

·       Liquid Bandage: Use on minor cuts after thoroughly cleaning

·       Neosporin: Use on minor cuts after thoroughly cleaning

·       Blunt scissors

·       Tweezers

·       Hydrogen Peroxide: To induce vomiting (contact vet before applying)

·       Latex Gloves

·       Petroleum Jelly: For Lubrication

·       Thermometer

·       Ice Pack

·       Cotton Balls or Swabs

·       Foil Blanket

·       Sterile Saline Solution

·       Antiseptic wipes or spray

·       Bottled Water