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If you’re anything like me, then your dog is constantly with you. So much so that if you have to choose between a dog-friendly restaurant vs a 5-star restaurant, guess where you’re going….that’s right the dog-friendly restaurant.

I may be a little bias, but I believe that my pups deserve to experience these places as much as anyone else, plus it makes for good training. With that being said, I have put together a list of dog-friendly places in nearby towns. If I missed your favorite dog-friendly spot, please share with us in a comment so I can update the list.

Dog-Friendly Places

In Jacksonville, Swansboro, Cedar Point, Emerald Isle, New Bern North Carolina

Jacksonville, NC


Coffee Shops:

Brewed Downtown (patio)

Northstar Café -Coffee Wine Bar Catering (patio)

Muddy’s (patio)

Starbuck’s (patio)

Port City Java (patio)


Moe’s Southwestern Grill (patio)

Mission BBQ (patio)

Panera Bread (patio)

CookOut (patio)

Chuy’s (patio)

Pancho Villa (patio)

Dairy Queen (patio)

Red Robin (patio)

Chic-fil-a (patio)

Old Chicago (patio)



Tractor Supply

Woofgang Bakery


Hobby Lobby


Pet Warehouse

Pumpkin Center


Best Buy

Swansboro, NC


Coffee Shops:

Bake, Bottle, and Brew

Boro Café and Bakery (patio)


Santorini’s Mediterranean Grille (patio)

Dairy Queen (patio)

Ice House Water Restaurant (patio)

Jersey Mike’s (patio)

Olea Mediterranean Kitchen (patio)

Swannsborough Yacht Club (patio)

Cedar Point / Cape Carteret / Emerald Isle


Coffee Shops:

The Java Post (patio)

K9s and Coffee

Stir It Up Coffee Shop (patio)

4 J’s Bakery Inc (patio)


Harrika’s Brew Haus (patio)

Christina’s A Wine Boutique (patio)



Quizno’s (patio)

Fuzzy Peach Frozen Yogurt Bar (patio)

Flip Flop Donut Shop (patio)


Salty Air Open Market

Pet Sense

New Bern

New Bern is a dog-friendly town that allows your pup to accompany you in most places. Stores will typically have a water dish out in front as an indication that they are pet-friendly. The stores that are not pet-friendly will usually state it in a sign on the door. As for restaurants, bars, and coffee shops if they have a patio there’s a good chance your pet can join. Please remember to be mindful of others and if in doubt ask an employee if your dog is allowed.